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The best means for travel to Iran is airplane.The major international airlines, especially Iran Air (Homa), have regular flights  between  Tehran and large cities of the world. Almost all  international  airlines  have independent branch offices inTehran.   
Travel  to  Iran  is possible by  other means of transportation such  as  car through neighboring countries such as Turkey, Iraq, Turkmenistan, Azarbaijan, Armenia,  Pakistan,  and Afghanistan. The main roads, which connect Iran to neighboring countries, are as follows:
Iran-Turkey in Bazargan border city, north-west of Iran. 
Zahedan-Mirjaveh in the Iran-Pakistan border, south-east of  Iran.
Taybad-Harat  in  the  Iran-Afghanistan  border, east of Iran.
Astara - Jolfa  in  the  Iran-Azarbaijan  border,  north of Iran.
Ghasre’shirin-Khosravi  in the Iran-Iraq border, west of Iran.

Moreover,  Iran  is  connected  to  northern countries by waterways  through  northern  ports located on the coasts of the  Caspian  Sea . As well to the south by  Persian Gulf and Sea  of  Oman.
There  are  asphalt  connecting  roads  between  major cities with suitable  quality. The driving  system in Iran is based on international  driving  regulations and  through right lane. So many  of  roads in  Iran  are  mountainous  with  eye-catching views.  There  are  international traffic signs in all main roads while  they  are  controlled  by  highway  patrols.  The  capital cities of  all provinces  and  other  major  cities  are  linked together  through  a  network  of main  roads.  There are also asphalt  access  roads  among  other  cities  of  a  province.
The  main  transit  roads have northwest - southeast or west - east directions and connect Iran- Turkey  border to Iran-Pakistan border as well as northern countries to inside of Iran.         
In  mountainous  roads  of Iran,  there is speed limitation, but most  of  roads in Iran are relatively safe. There is no need for taking  spare  gasoline  due  to  the  existence of enough gas stations along all roads specially the main ones.
The price of gasoline  (normal and unleaded)  and gas oil is very low in Iran compared to other countries. Travel by bus is very cheap in Iran due to low price of gas oil. In  addition,  there  are  different  bus companies  with  well-equipped and comfortable buses and various classifications to all around Iran. There are also other facilities for travel like minibuses, rent a car agencies, etc., most of them centered in the  bus  terminals  of  the cities. The Islamic Republic of Iran Railroad, like other countries  in  the world, has  regular
passenger  train  services  to  some  major cities  like  Tabriz, Meshed, Gorgan, Isfahan, Kerman,  Yazd,  Ahwaz,  and Khoramshahr.